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It's been a long time since I last posted, right? Sorry! I get so caught up in other things that updating this just... falls behind. A lot.

I'm having much funtimes at [ profile] undertherainbow, and Peri is currently lying beside me and looking adorable. Life is mostly good... even if I now have a splint of doom to wear that's supposed to fix my jaw. It just hurts. x.x

Also, I now fangirl Buffy like crazy, but think season seven is a massive waste of space. Mostly because I loathe and detest Kennedy with all my being... and I'll admit, part of that's because I adore Tara.

Alsoalso, loved the first half of season six for Doctor Who. :3 Can't wait until September.
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Been a long time since I last updated. Whoops.

Since I last updated... I saw Love Never Dies (matinee) and Legally Blonde (evening) again. Legally Blonde on cast change day too.

Love Never Dies was as amazing as ever, although the new Gustaves aren't up to the levels the originals were just yet, and Legally Blonde... well, there aren't words.

Cast change day was phenomenal. I've never heard so much screaming... Sheridan could barely begin her part of Omigod You Guys, and Aoife kept getting cut off after the end of Legally Blonde Remix. So much screaming!

There was a screaming person next to me, and a couple behind us. Thanks for deafening us, people in row C (and person in row B), but we understand why. :3

It was incredible... so many tears at the end, and Sheridan breaking down and being unable to finish the first part of Find My Way... God. Emotional experience much?

Despite the Savoy's failure of a Stage Door spoiling things a little, I must say that it's an experience I'm always going to remember. Much like getting a picture with a freak. >.> Charity thing at LND - donate £5, hug a freak (or all three of them) and get a picture.

Anyway. Done rambling. Going to go be happy about the Sister Act tour and play Fable III some more. :3

(One last note: Thriller Live tomorrow! I love touring musicals...)
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God, I fail at updating this thing. ^^; Sorry.

Spamalot was all kinds of epic. Jodie Prenger is hilarious as the Lady of the Lake.

I've discovered what my birthday presents are, musical theatre-wise: two shows, for the 23rd October. Love Never Dies matinee... and the final show (of this cast) for Legally Blonde! :D Exciting.

Only a mini-update now. I don't want to clog up flists with crap.
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It's been a while since I last updated this. Whoops.

Let's start with the musicals: since I last updated, I've seen Legally Blonde, Love Never Dies and Wicked. All three are bloody amazing.

Legally Blonde was full of understudies, as Sheridan had injured her back doing the Bend and Snap a night or two before, but it was still amazing. Caroline Keiff is fantastic in it, as per usual, and Duncan was okay. It was rather lovely to see Alex Gaumond again, as he'd played Galileo when we saw the WWRY tour. Amazing man.

Love Never Dies was amazing. The set design is beautiful, the songs and staging have been neatened up since the concept album... Sierra made me cry, amazing woman, and I think Summer does an amazing job of conveying Meg's slipping grasp on sanity.

Bathing Beauty comes with a surprise in the form of her ending up topless, though. You've been warned... even if I rather liked it. :3

And Wicked... Rachel and Louise are fantastic. Cassandra Compton is a lovely new Nessa (who wore stripes at Stage Door!) and it's lovely to see George as Boq at long last. :3

Tonight, we're going to see Spamalot! I'm looking forward to that.

In other news:
  • I'm having a lot of physiotherapy recently.
  • My girlfriend and I finally came out. It's all good, really.
  • I have tickets for Amy Macdonald, in Manchester, on my birthday. :D Exciting.
  • I'm a dorkface.

    That's about it. Toodles. ^^
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    My girlfriend is now into Doctor Who, despite being a dirty American - she's been watching the new series as it airs, but only since Victory of the Daleks. I'm pretty happy with this. :3

    She's loved it so far, and unlike me, she finds the Weeping Angels scary. I've promised to show her Blink when I get the chance, amongst other episodes.

    I've just got to hope I can get her to like the older stuff...

    (Why is there an 'Amy Pond is brilliant' tag on this post? Because she helped her get into the show, duh.)

    On another note, I'm currently playing through Mass Effect. Dear God, I love it... and I already have the second one lined up for playing. :3 I love Bioware RPGs... I also have Batman: Arkham Asylum, which is interesting.

    It has Harley Quinn and the Mark Hamill Joker. What more could I want?

    Also, also! Perfect Dark and Banjo-Tooie were snagged from the XBLA, alongside the Secret of Monkey Island. God, I'm a happy gamer at the moment. \o/ Might get Banjo-Kazooie once I've finished Tooie... and yes, I'm working backwards there.
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    So, uh, Dreamwidth. It's zippy and awesome-looking.

    Especially since it let me import all my stuff over from LJ, which was nice of it.

    If anyone wants an invite, I currently have six of the blighters. I'll give them out to anyone who asks.


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