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It's been a long time since I last posted, right? Sorry! I get so caught up in other things that updating this just... falls behind. A lot.

I'm having much funtimes at [ profile] undertherainbow, and Peri is currently lying beside me and looking adorable. Life is mostly good... even if I now have a splint of doom to wear that's supposed to fix my jaw. It just hurts. x.x

Also, I now fangirl Buffy like crazy, but think season seven is a massive waste of space. Mostly because I loathe and detest Kennedy with all my being... and I'll admit, part of that's because I adore Tara.

Alsoalso, loved the first half of season six for Doctor Who. :3 Can't wait until September.
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My girlfriend is now into Doctor Who, despite being a dirty American - she's been watching the new series as it airs, but only since Victory of the Daleks. I'm pretty happy with this. :3

She's loved it so far, and unlike me, she finds the Weeping Angels scary. I've promised to show her Blink when I get the chance, amongst other episodes.

I've just got to hope I can get her to like the older stuff...

(Why is there an 'Amy Pond is brilliant' tag on this post? Because she helped her get into the show, duh.)

On another note, I'm currently playing through Mass Effect. Dear God, I love it... and I already have the second one lined up for playing. :3 I love Bioware RPGs... I also have Batman: Arkham Asylum, which is interesting.

It has Harley Quinn and the Mark Hamill Joker. What more could I want?

Also, also! Perfect Dark and Banjo-Tooie were snagged from the XBLA, alongside the Secret of Monkey Island. God, I'm a happy gamer at the moment. \o/ Might get Banjo-Kazooie once I've finished Tooie... and yes, I'm working backwards there.
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Christ on a pogo-stick, I'm getting shamone buddies! Hi guys. :D

So. General updates of the moment: 
  • I'm attempting to learn the Thriller dance, even though there's a sad lack of Thrill the World events around where I live - I'm not going to Liverpool for it, because I don't want the tyres being nicked off the car.
  • My iPod has the worst shuffle ever. I got the last three tracks of 'Bad' in a row - how is it a shuffle when songs from the same album keep popping up in the right order? Fail.
  • I'm going to a Doctor Who event down in town tomorrow, because I'm a geek. I just want to meet John Leeson, that's all.
  • I've fallen in love with Invincible. It's an awesome album. <3
...I think that should do for now. Toodles.

EDIT: One last thing! ...Why the hell is love a doughnut? 


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